The primary source of the information is PeeringDB API . Besides that, Google Maps' Geocoding API is used for coordinates to display cities and facilities on the map.

Since the source of this information is PeeringDB only, these stats are as accurate as PeeringDB.

We poll PeeringDB once every hour and check for updates, however the data is persisted as history once daily.

The dashboard has just launched, and has the information stored since 2nd July 2022. Anything older than that is not recorded.

There are no "sponsors" at the time of launch, I, Rahul Makhija, have funded this project out of pocket. If you'd like to support the project, please write to me with your proposal.

Recent activities

  • Bittel Telecom (AS58765) has upgraded one of their interconnections at Extreme IX Kolkata from 10G to 20G. Updated capacity: 20G

    10 hours ago
  • IPNET-DEL(AS135232) has joined Extreme IX Delhi with 10Gbps capacity

    21 hours ago
  • WAY 2 INTERNET(AS134850) has joined DE-CIX Mumbai with 2Gbps capacity

    21 hours ago
  • IPNET-DEL(AS135232) has joined NIXI Mumbai with 1Gbps capacity

    21 hours ago
  • Fastnet Communication(AS133692) has joined NIXI Delhi with 1Gbps capacity

    21 hours ago